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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Ramona Gabor arab
If a few months ago there were rumors that the Ramona Gabor will walk down the aisle on the arm of her boyfriend, the star's plans have been turned upside down. Brunette apparently broke up with her ​​millionaire partner.

While Ramona post on her Facebook account pictures with smiling and bright in her soul's a storm. Youngest Gabor broke up with her Arabic ​​boyfriend Ahmad, and it seems that the reason to visit her bigger sister is just to pass quickly over failure in love.

Now brunette walks all the picturesque places in Los Angeles, with Monica, but when she would return to Dubai where she lives for several years, will not return to the luxurious life that gives to Ahmad. When she was with Arab on her Facebook account, Ramona publish images that show received expensive gifts to loved. However, the model will not give up entirely on ease, as her income from modeling and not ignored.