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Friday, 22 August 2014

bikefest 2014
Izvor Park in Bucharest will host from 13 to 14 September the largest event dedicated to urban cyclists in Romania: BikeFest 2014. For two days, BikeFest 2014 invites you to funny competitions: a Pentathlon five new evidence, leisure activities, time spent with good friends, great concerts and many, many awards. Here are some of the most interesting activities to BikeFest 2014:

1. I'Velo Pentathlon - is a competition with five new competitions dedicated to cyclists who want to demonstrate their skills to face the challenges of daily traffic. This year, Pentathlon 2014 will take place on a 3 km trail in the Izvor Park and will include five new evidence that will make the daily challenges that avoiding potholes in Bucharest traffic landscape, climbing stairs with the bike, slalom through congested traffic a true demonstration of strength and adrenaline bike in urban areas.

2.  Charity bicycle tour - starting at 16:00 cycling in the name of a good cause. Every year, the Green Revolution Association, donates bicycles for youth or children which are in need. Is needed the entire community of cyclists to bring smiles on the faces of helpless children. For every 20 cyclists attended the tour will donate a bike to a child who needs it to travel the few kilometers between school and home.

3. The largest marathon cycling and aerobics in Romania, organized by World Class Romania. 400 bikes and the best cycling and aerobics instructors are trained to provide an atmosphere of energy during the 6 hour marathon. 

4Two on a bicycle, the funniest competition dedicated to couples, friends or family. 2 on a  bike is fun and positive energy and brings together friends and family members in a unique and entertaining space.  

5. School of bikes, powered by NescafĂ© - for two days, beginners are teached cycling as easy in traffic.  

6. X-treme Bike - professionals will do the stunt bike demonstrations and will teach some tricks.

7. Super concerts and stand-up comedy.

8. Urban Picnic area - a relaxing time on the green grass, smiles and good humor, the right ingredients for a great day.  

9. BikeFest Expo brings the major stores and the most famous manufacturer of bicycles with super deals on bicycles and accessories.