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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

yamal crater siberia
The news that giant crater appeared out of nowhere in Siberia toured the world, giving rise to many theories, some more bizarre than others, the causes which have caused. Now scientists have conducted an expedition huge hole in the ground and so the first images appeared online of what is out there.

The huge pit formed in Siberian Yamal peninsula, the name means "end of the world" was explored by specialists from the "Institute of the Earth Cryosphere".
The images can be seen walls that resemble a lunar landscape, walls that ice melts and drips. The crater has a depth of about 70 meters, and the bottom is a lake.

The huge hole was recently discovered immediately after the news spread in the media, theories of its formation began to appear. While some have blamed global warming or that it is the result of a meteorite impact with Earth, others have said that is where a crashed alien ship.

Researchers say that the phenomenon would have natural causes. More specifically, the deep ground ice melted and could not sustain the earth from above. In addition, the collapse could have been amplified by the release of gas from the soil, which could have caused such an explosion.  

Since the discovery of the crater, scientists have found similar appearance of two new holes, one in the same region, Yamal and another hundreds of miles away in Taymyria peninsula. Researchers took samples of soil and ice to analyze them and can say with certainty how these craters were formed.