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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Elena Udrea PMP ice bucket challange
Elena Udrea was challenged by former Prime Minister Emil Boc to join the campaign "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge '. The famous blonde from the Romanian policy said that she will pour a bucket of water on her head and will do this in front of the Government building.

Situated in Alba Iulia, Elena Udrea respond to the challenge launched by Emil Boc and will pour a bucket of water on the head, in Bucharest, near the Government.  The politician which she will chalange is none other than Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

"I accept the challenge of Mr. Emil Boc. I wanted to do it in the Fortress of Alba Iulia, but I had this press conference and could not come to you after I put my head a bucket of water and ice.  So if I made ​​it to the Citadel, I'm going to Bucharest and to challenge before the Government Mr. Victor Ponta, to wake him up with a cold water bath "Elena Udrea said in a press conference.

Ice Bucket Challenge was launched by an American from Massachusetts, diagnosed with ALS, who tried by this method to raise public awareness about this disease autonomic, affecting the brain and spinal cord, leading to paralysis. The idea was successful on social networks not only ordinary people but from politicians and personalities from various fields. Started seeing results, donations to ALS Foundation incredibly increasing as said Carol Hamilton, director of the Institute of Cognitive therapies for ALS in Massachusetts.