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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hitler ridiculous mustache
Mystery of the type of mustache that came to be identified with the image of the Fuhrer became the subject of a documentary aired by the TV channel History Channel, in a miniseries devoted to the two world wars.

Adolf Hitler had always considered that mustache favors and gives a much more manly, according to historians who participated in History Channel documentary series. Thus, before the outbreak of World War I, young Adolf was proud of his long mustache, with tips slightly twisted at the ends. 

Things changed shortly after the start of the war, when the soldier Adolf Hitler's mustache rich realized that could have cost him his life. More specifically, the future dictator noticed that he could not fix gas mask tightly on the battlefield because too bushy mustache. It seems that superiors would have drawn attention to the risks to which it is said for this reason, so Adolf decided to shorten radical facial hair, but he didn't give up altogether on mustache.