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Friday, 8 August 2014

Lavinia Sandru sexy
Lavinia Şandru boasts an incredible shape that was hiden in office clothes. Although it has almost 40 years, politician looks sensational and the photographer caught her as every man wants to see: in slip and bra.

Years passed, but the physical qualities
Lavinia Şandru (39 years old) are unbeatable. The politician, who is TV presenter was pampered day at the beach in Mamaia. With the hair left free, with sunglasses and a pink two-piece suit, Lavinia seemed rather a teenager than a mother for 39 years. Brunette lie in the sun and turned on all sides to find the right position to tan.

He turned on the bra straps and legs wide open, offering a great view to gentlemens in the area. Nor would have otherwise given it the owner of endless legs without cellulite little, but a well done abdomen. For a rebellious strands disturbed at one time and asked a friend to braid hair, after which she lounged on the sunbed as challenging and laughing from ear to ear with her ​​friends.