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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Jesse Helt Miley Cyrus
A year ago, Miley Cyrus took the stage at the MTV Music Awards where she gave a performance considered by many at the limit of pornography. Blamed for how she decided to climb on stage, but also outrageous gestures she makes to the public - such as that of smoking during a gale of European music - Miley even became banned in some countries which are the most conservative, like the Dominican Republic.

But after her gesture from last night at the MTV Music Awards, Miley Cyrus is likely to wash her public image. 21 year old singer won the award for best video at this year's edition of the MMA, the controversial song track "Wrecking Ball". But Miley, who was in the room, even the first, refused to go on stage to receive their award. Instead, she sent a young unknown man to get the trophy.

It was later learned that the man who was dressed as the event's dress code - black suit - a homeless man named Jesse. He lives in a center for homeless people in Hollywood, and his merit Miley's success was that he urged young people to access the large number of the artist's Facebook page.

"I survive in shelters throughout the city. I cleaned the room and have all appeared as an extra in movies and in your lives. Besides these doors are 54,000 people who do not have a place to call it" home". The young man's emotional speech to tears Miley subsequently, which has urged fans on Facebook to donate "to put an end to this situation where there are people homeless."