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Friday, 8 August 2014

Obama declare war
President Barack Obama announced on Thursday that authorize military strikes on target in Iraq to protect American personnel on site warning jihadists of the Islamic State that will be affected if they will continue the advancing to Erbil, capital of Kurdistan Autonomous Region.

"We can act responsibly and prudently to prevent a possible genocide," said Obama also announced that he had ordered food parachuting to population threatened by jihadists advance.  American President reaffirmed that he will not send ground troops, two and a half years after the withdrawal of American troops from the country.

A spokesman for the Kurdish peshmerga forces said he already saw American warplanes bombing targets of the Islamic State, on Thursday in two areas of northern Iraq. 
F-16 entered in the airspace of Iraq and began a reconnaissance mission and took targets of  the Islamic State in Gwer in the region of Sinjar, "said Hekmat Holgar spokesman told AFP. In Washington, the Pentagon did not confirm the information.