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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Adelina Pestriţu exaggerated with diet

Adelina Pestriţu made public an image that i was scared fans. Many believe that the star has weakened too much and that is on the brink of anorexia. Brunette has weakened lately, and this is reflected in images posted on social networking account.

Always careful with the way it looks, Adelina sport every day and try to be as healthy as nutrition, but some virtual friends believe that exaggerated, and now stands skin and bones.

"It's bad anorexic think doing commercials bagels", "Have you eaten anything today?" "You're gorgeous," "You've lost weight much every day," were some of the comments virtual friends. Unhappy with her bust, Adelina Pestriţu took a radical decision, some time ago. Speak his girlfriend turned to surgery and now has breasts than you want. Adelina is still in the recovery period, which is why he gave up the deep necklines.