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Monday, 9 May 2016

Florin Calinescu was beaten by Cosmin Olaroiu in a restaurant in Bucharest

Florin Călinescu cute, juror of "Romanians have talent" is not ... even liked by everyone. And no jokes famous actor and TV personality is not to everyone's liking. Gigi Becali told several years ago that as he beat Florin Calinescu from Cosmin Olaroiu, the former coach of Steaua.

According landowners, the episode would have happened in 2010 in a pub in Bucharest, where the two were at the table with some big names in football or Mircea Sandu including Gino Iorgulescu.
At one point, between the two began baffles, and actor and technician said something "wrong and pulled him on Oli of melons. Olăroiu was raised and it was knocked short and comprehensive, effective from Timisoara falling under the table. It followed another series, this time standing, violence ceased only after the intervention of "heavyweight" Sandu Iorgulescu. Gigi has told how the victim was less recollected out and then returned, demanding his apology Olaroiu.

Becali's revelation occurred in a televised after future juror said that "in Romania, the champion is decided outside grass". Asked to comment on the statement, Becali was on fire and "gave the house." "How come the money to take the championship? If it was money, I take it. I think Florin Calinescu's hare-brained. Călinescu Who's that? When I knocked Oli was lamb, "said Gigi at a sport.