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Monday, 16 May 2016

Frightening prophecy made by Father Justin Pârvu before death

A nun from the monastery Maple argues that before closing his eyes, confessor warned that just 12 months will be quiet, then become troubled times, Attitudes magazine writes, Petru Voda Monastery publication.

Fotini nun, one of the nuns who nursed Father Justin the whole period of his health condition became critical, reported in the journal "Attitudes", Petru Voda Monastery publication, the last words of the confessor.
"5 days before giving spirit it was something better, if caught and was recovering some strength. In this last period closest disciples all took one last sermon from the father, one last piece of advice, "says Sister.
"I asked a question that bothers me a long time ago, a question that until now I shunned to ask him to trenchantly for fear of possible harsh reactions - how far can we go to fight against current chips from acts of our identity? And I asked more specifically. relative to the letter. "Father, you know issue health cards, they have not yet entered into force. But they will be the future still required. we ask you to do a mother with a sick child in critical condition and need surgery, or they would die? to operate it will be admitted as to domestic needs health card chip. What do mom? do their hospitalized child or to let die? Father very seriously replied, raising his hands in sign of protest: "no, do not let him die. I do not I can not take this decision. we must not gotten any extremes. this chip no seal, no s denial ... but everyone makes after consciousness and power. How can fight against them with full force and unity, but without extreme attitudes, yet not the case. It, however, that there are 12 months ... Here Father stopped. We asked: "12 months and get rid of chips"? "No," answered Father, comes 12 months liberty and fury ". Someone asked to explain more clearly, but Father did not pick. Then I said: "In this case the parent must recuperate that there is no one to help us." Father answered with humor and smile and most beautiful in the world: "Well, you know that I do not know what to do. I decided not to live or where to go. I do not know what I want ". He took a mouthful of food, and we retired one by one, taking blessing. I took blessing father and I, in his great love, not left me speechless and gave me, shaking my hand, last blessing: Mother, do not let magazine! Keep hard before! "