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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Jojo's recipe for a flat stomach

Catalina Grama, alias Jojo, has an enviable figure, but it seems it is always careful about what they eat. She revealed secrets and told what do to have a flat stomach.
The actress confessed that he has a few tricks to keep fit. "Eating healthy is the goal to which we all aspire, is not it? I began to read more articles on the subject and I impose some rules to strictly abide by them, especially since they are responsible for feeding my family. Fresh fruits and vegetables are missing from our home, buy more and more healthy food and have removed all sodas! "She wrote on her blog,
Jojo says that the big secret for a flat stomach is the breakfast that and I prepared our own recipe: "For me, breakfast is the most important meal and therefore the first part of the day consumption as much quantity of fruit. I read recently that indicated that the fruit be eaten until 15:00 that if we want to get off a few kilos. And because flat abs is the main objective, it is only whites cook an omelet, which add a little cheese and vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, spinach, broccoli or peppers. It's absolutely delicious, worth a try! "