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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

 Mike Tyson has a secret friend in Romania

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has in Romania, over 10 years, a friend of the American star is very linked.

In 2005, Mike Tyson arrived in Constanta, by yacht. American did not stay long in Romania, but it was enough to tie a lasting friendship with Mihai Marius, a man highly respected in underworld circles in Constanta. The two met in a club and Romania and has organized a series of parties Tyson that he has not forgotten. Moreover, after leaving the US, he has not forgotten friend from Romania, and the two continued to talk on the phone.

In addition, Mihai Marius was in turn a visit to New York, but the once great boxer could not accompany him in clubs, on the grounds that, at the time, was under house arrest. Instead, he sent his trusted men to carry him on Romanian town and to do everything possible for it to feel perfect. "I know Mike since 2005, when he was in Romania. During this time I continued to keep in touch. Reg time, I have been visiting him," said, Mihai Marius.

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