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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

One of the most famous Romanian underworld, released for good behavior

Florin Ghinea, said Ghenosu, one of the most dangerous Romanian underworld, was released from prison for good behavior. He was sentenced in 2011 to nine years in prison.

Judges of the Court Vrancea established by a final decision to release him on Florin Ghinea two weeks ago, was sentenced in 2011 to nine years in prison.

Ghenosu was known in underworld circles as a very violent and was suspected of many crimes such as prostitution and outrage against morality.

In 2011, Florin Ghinea - Targoviste Ghenosu clan leader - was sentenced to nine years in prison for extortion and related offenses. And he has gained the reputation in 2003 when he was convicted by the French authorities for human trafficking and usury.