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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Peony flower used in the treatment of cancer and mental illness

Peony has in its composition tannins, alkaloids, iron, manganese, copper, magnesium, calcium, organic acids, flavonoids and vitamin C.
To boost immunity and regulate metabolism, put 20 g of crushed peony root in a liter of boiling water, cover bowl and leave to cool. It uses a 100 ml 3 times per day for 30 days after each meal, after which pause three weeks and may continue according
Infusion of peony root (one teaspoon of shredded root in 400 ml of boiling water) is good in case of gastritis, gastric ulcer, stomach pain, dysentery. Are consumed at room temperature 100 ml 3 times per day 20-30 minutes before main meals for 14 days.
People suffering from mental exhaustion can do next prepared: 500 ml of vodka put 3 tablespoons minced petals and leave to soak for 30 days, shaking several times a day, after which you can start managing, consuming -the one teaspoon of preparation 3 times daily before main meals for up to 30 days.
Acne, dermatitis and skin inflammation can be an infusion of petals (a spoonful of petals per liter of hot water) to drink with small sips throughout the day. Cure takes a maximum of 10 days and can resume once every 3 months.
It also says that treatments based peony roots can lessen the adverse effects of chemotherapy.
Before you start one of these treatments must make sure that you are not allergic to any ingredients dntre them and you do not have diseases that do not allow you to use these remedies.