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Monday, 16 May 2016

Traian Basescu offends journalists again

Former President Traian Basescu sent in a message on Facebook, a tough message to journalists who criticize the fact that a struggle against justice.

Those "who trumpet notes," he calls them "division lichele press".
"Justice must be defended by those who do injustice to justice!
If you say that wearing the defendants handcuffed in front of DNA, all televisions invited for live coverage, do not respect rights guaranteed by the Constitution, the right to defense, or presumption of innocence Division lichele media trumpeting notes, by the people, you are against fighting corruption.
If you dare to say that abuse is wrong and arbitrary service defined in the new penal code under which Romania has ratified the United Nations Convention against Corruption by L 365/2004 (see Art. 19) and that under the Constitution prevails division of lichele press trumpeting notes, the people that are against fighting corruption.
If you dare to have a reply to a statement of SRI incorrectly or an incorrect declaration of Mrs. Köves Division lichele press will accuse you in order that you are against fighting corruption. My belief is that we are in a time when we must defend justice even some people who are part of justice or some who want to use justice to settle personal or political objectives.
And I say this with the moral right that I have as a politician who was beaten for 10 years with a fierce political class against him, which had two suspensions for justice to progress. Every journalist has the right to contradict my views, especially if you happen to read the Constitution or Law 365/2004. We could argue and the public and would benefit democracy. But when I see a whole division to control journalists and chorus accusing me wrong, placing me justice against those who fight caste, even that I can not say it publicly: this division lichele lame press. Justice must be defended by those who do injustice to justice, "wrote Traian Basescu on his Facebook account.