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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Vladimir Putin: Missile shield in Romania complicated international situation around Russia

"Recent events show that the situation gets better. Unfortunately, it gets worse, since implementation now in Romania radar station, as part of the US missile defense system," said Putin. Also, according to the Russian leader, the current deployment of elements of US missile defense system in Europe "is not defense, but increasing nuclear potential." Regarding the NATO missile defense system, Russian President recalled that Moscow has repeatedly expressed concerns and has proposed cooperation with American partners, a proposal which was rejected.
He also stressed that Russia always modify their plans regarding the construction of its armed forces, according to changes in the international situation they register. The Deveselu base became Thursday the first unit in Europe where operating a land component of the US missile shield should protect Europe from potential attacks with ballistic missiles, Russia warning in response to the possibility withdrawal of the Treaty on reducing strategic offensive arms ( START).
The official position of NATO, expressed ceremony Thursday, is the shield at Deveselu is purely defensive and its objective is to discourage aggressive actions from states with ambitions nuclear Asia and Middle East as well as North Korea or Iran. Instead, Russia believes that this shield affect the strategic balance and threatening its security.